Upon visiting our office at Complete Health Chiropractic in Chatswood you will be greeted by one of  our friendly staff. They may ask you to fill out some paper work regarding your health history and lifestyle, or these forms may be emailed to you prior to your visit to fill out in the comfort of your own home.

You will then meet one of our Chiropractors. The purpose of your initial visit is to find out what is going on and see if you are in the right place to get the care you need. Our promise to you is that we are going to help you. We will either recognise that you are in the right place or we will do everything in our power to get you to someone that can help you. Your initial consultation will take approx. 30 mins

The initial visit will involve a complete health and lifestyle history, a spinal examination, neurological and orthopaedic exams, thermography and surface Electromyograph (sEMG) scans and spinal X-rays are taken on site if required.  Once all this information is gathered the Chiropractor will collate the results and outcomes to create a complete overview of your current state of spinal health and nervous system function.

Your second visit is when the chiropractor will report back to you and discuss your current presentation and health status it is at this time that the chiropractor with discuss the appropriate steps to take, if deemed appropriate, is on this report of findings visit that the chiropractor will have sufficient information to safely and effectively perform your first chiropractic adjustment. Your report of finding visit will take approx. 30 mins

Our Chiropractors are trained in a number of techniques including Sacro- occipital technique, Activator, diversified (manual adjustments), Thompson Technique (drop table).

We strive to make our office an up lifting and informative environment for all our clients.

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