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If you knew you lived 100 years how would you live your life? If the experts are right you probably will!

In fact in a recent Discover article the experts asked how long can the human body last…..their answer is 150 years! The statistics on ageing are astounding. 1 in 10 people today is 60 or older.  By the year 2050 the ratio will be 1 in 3. There are currently 70,000 people over the age of 100 in the U.S. By 2050 there will be 4.2 million. Centenarians are the world’s fastest-growing group, whose numbers are increasing 8% a year1. During the next 10 years, a baby boomer will turn 50 every 7.5 seconds2.

Chiro for seniors
Today’s centenarians, 100 year old people, had a life expectancy of 50 when they were born.  The Greatest Generation, as they are called, built this country and are outliving their life expectancy by 20 to 50 years. They didn’t know they would live this long. They didn’t know how to care for themselves to prepare for their longevity and ensure an active, healthy, high quality life in their future. Sadly, they have become the Nursing Home Generation3.

It’s clear medical science and treatment are having an effect on life spans…in fact, life spans appear to be increasing over time with no end in sight.  We can expect an increase not only in centenarians but in “supercentenarians”, the people who will live to be 110 or more4!

So who are these future centenarians and 150 year olds? The answer is you and I. You and I will be the centenarians of the future, who will drive the economy, drive the health care and impact the societies decisions and well being for the next fifty to hundred years. We need to start thinking about living and preparing life as a 100 year marathon and not a 60 year sprint. The reality is we don’t get to choose how or when we are going to die, we do however get to choose how we are going to live. Ageing doesn’t have to be a one way ticket to deterioration and inactivity.

Chiro for seniors
Feel great now and express your full potential for a lifetime

As a chiropractor it has been very exciting to work with three, four and five generations of families committed to living their lives without limits as their Family Wellness Provider. The key is to making the right decisions now so that you can begin to prepare living your life without limits. The blueprint to your longevity and to live your life without limits is inborn and inherent in your genetic intelligence and it stays with you from the moment of conception to your last breath of life. Your genetic intelligence will express itself spontaneously, your cells will automatically exchange nutrients for waste products; they will automatically turn food into energy; they will automatically pull you away from extreme temperatures; your heart will automatically speed up when your cells need more oxygen during exercise; your genetic intelligence is also blessed with antibodies to help you fight infections and much, much more. We are also blessed with the ability to innovate and create as long as our genetic intelligence is allowed to express itself without interference. It’s time to have faith in your unique genetic intelligence and have a commitment to having your genetic intelligence express itself to its full potential so that you and everyone can live your life without limits for 100 years and beyond.

In order for you to make this happen to live your life without limits your genetic intelligence must communicate with every cell tissue and organ in your body at 100% at all times without interference over the course of your lifetime. Your central nerve system is your genetic intelligences’ communication centre. It consists of your brain your spinal cord and the intricate network of nerves that communicate from your brain to every cell of your body and from every cell of your body back up to your brain. This allows your body to adapt to the environment in the best way possible. Your spine protects your nerve system and keeps it from being injured; it holds your posture and is the centre of all movement of activity in your body. The ultimate cause of a limited life is interference to the natural, spontaneous, full expression of your unique genetic intelligence.



Often the expression of your genetic intelligence can become interfered with and thus affect the communication of the nerve system to the body. When this happens it can lead to all sorts of health problems that will severely limit your life. While there are many types interferences that may limit your ability to live your life without limits the one your chiropractor is most concerned about is known as a Vertebral Subluxation. A Vertebral Subluxation is an injury to the spine that limits the communication over your nerve system and affects your body’s ability to express its unique genetic intelligence at 100%. While all the bones and nerves are the same chronological age, they age separately depending on their alignment and ability to function normally. They deteriorate and age prematurely with Vertebral Subluxation. Furthermore, experimental models of osteoarthritis and the role of immobilization found that “After two weeks of immobilization, the first signs of eburnation (osteoarthritis) appear in the bone, along with calcification (sclerosis) and remodeling of the bone.” Such changes are not reversible5.

Chiropractic offers two wonderful benefits for the elderly. Firstly, Chiropractic aids in mobility allowing the elderly to enjoy a more mobile life. Secondly, chiropractic offers more vitality and overall health by removing nerve interference from subluxations, the entire body functions better and responds to the changes of aging in a more positive manner6.

Millions of families choose chiropractic for fast relief,
peak performance and a lifetime of wellness.

Do you think the health choices you make today will impact the quality of your future?

The following graph compiled by Coulter et. al. highlight the long term benefits of Chiropractic care. So yes, your health choices now are crucial to your future health.

Elderly (avg 80yrs) Health Comparisons – Chiropractic Users and Non Users (Coulter)


“If I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself.”
– George Burns


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