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“Embrace” the documentary filmed by Taryn Brumfitt uncovers why poor body image has become a global epidemic and what women everywhere can do to have a brighter future. Throughout March &  April we are raising awareness and importance of the act of Self Love by hosting a FREE movie screening of “Embrace” here at Complete Health Chiropractic!

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Bye For Now But Not Forever


I am sadly ending my time here at Complete Health Chiropractic. My spontaneous, adventurous, 22 year old curiosities have gotten the better of me. I have absolutely loved working with an amazing team who constantly strives to better this world and the community around it through the benefits of chiropractic. But it is now time for me to travel to far-flung places. I will be living in London for 1-2 years, so if anyone finds themselves there I would love to catch up. Wish me luck as I attempt to brave the weather, crowds and lack of quality coffee. I wish you all the very best. Au Revoir!

  • – Robyn Hollis-Brown