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2 large flat mushrooms

2 tomatoes (halved)

Coconut oil (for brushing)

1/2 garlic clove (grated)

Few thyme leaves (for garnish)

2 large eggs

2 handfuls of rocket



  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Brush the mushrooms with coconut oil and minced garlic pieces.
  2. Place mushroom on lined baking tray with open side up and season lightly with pepper (optional) and thyme. Cover with foil and bake for 20 minutes.
  3. Remove the foil, add the tomatoes to the dish and break an egg carefully on to each mushroom. Season and add a little more thyme if you like.
  4. Return to the oven for 10 minutes or until the eggs are set but the yolks are still runny.
  5. Serve the mushrooms on a plate topped with rocket.

Tip: A drizzle of balsamic vinegar over the top can help add more flavours to the dish! yum!

Post Author: CHC