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Good Sleep is a vital piece of your health puzzle; just like fueling your body with a balanced nutritious diet, moving your body every day, maintaining a positive outlook on life and having your brain – body/nervous system connection running well, free from interference. Rest and sleep is one of the key requirements for your body to achieve true health.

We ask a lot from our bodies’ everyday and although we don’t yet understand exactly why we need sleep so badly, scientists believe it restores us physically and helps us organise things in our brain. We do know, however, that we can’t live WELL without it.

The amount of sleep varies from one individual to the next but 8 ¼ hours is the average requirement for adults. Some people can cope very well with much less and some need much more every night.

Sleep is actually an active state, we used to think that everything shuts down when we sleep, but over the last 60 years scientists have discovered that our brains are actually very active while we sleep. In fact, some parts of the brain use more oxygen and glucose while asleep than when awake.

Sleep changes across the night in cycles of about 90 minutes. There is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, in every cycle, even if only for a short time.

Over the course of a night, deep sleep occurs first. The first three hours of sleep have the deepest stages of sleep (Slow Wave Sleep). Later on in the night we have more of the type of sleep where we have vivid dreams (REM Sleep).

We also have very brief Arousal Sleep times throughout a night’s sleep. We are not aware of most of these Arousal times and we forget most dreams.

The timing of our need for sleep is based on two things. The first is how long we have been awake. The second is our body clock. If we stay awake all night we will feel more tired at 4am than at 10am. Scientists call the time between 3am and 5am the ‘dead zone’. It’s when our body clock makes us ‘dead’ tired.

Falling asleep can be hard; you can’t actually force yourself to fall asleep – just like you can’t consciously digest your food faster. Sleep onset is not something we can control. We can only create the right conditions for sleep – both in our minds and in our environment.

Here at CHC we have teamed up with Sleepy’s- The Mattress Experts to have a chiropractic CAA tested and endorsed bed for you to trial in the CHC office for the month of April. If it is time to update the mattress Sleepy’s has some awesome deals on offer just for CHC practice members, check them out next time you are in the office.

We are also hosting a sleep workshop here at Complete Health Chiropractic 7-8pm Wednesday April 27th 2016, so you can learn how to create the ideal conditions for both, your mind and your environment to get the best sleep possible, which will contribute to your journey to true health. Make sure to book your seat on 9413-3090 or on your next visit to the office!

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