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It all started with an enthusiastic article by my sister-in-law, about how yoga changed her life for the better. Her yoga journey started with someone challenging her to participate in a 30-day yoga challenge.

To be honest, she looked so healthy, calm and even-tempered, that I just had to share in the yoga bliss.

I was directed to the Youtube Channel for Yoga with Adriene – 30 Days of Yoga.

It all starts off innocent enough. I’ve done some yoga before, so I had an idea what was coming. Every day’s challenge is between 10 to 35 minutes. Short challenges follows hard, long challenges, so it gives you some reprieve from aching muscles.

The gist of it is as follows:

Don’t push yourself. Have some fun. Try something new. Try some yoga!

The exercises contain stretches, poses, flows and breathing. And the favourite – Shavasana – resting pose at the end!

The instructor, Adriene, is a funny, goofy girl, who sometimes seems like she’s in the room with me. Just when my head starts to droop, she would tell me to lift and lengthen the neck. Or when I can’t hold the pose any longer, she would tell me: just one more breath.

Funny thing: My husband attempted this challenge with me. We must have been a pretty sight – two people doing awkward, yet syncronated movements in a small room, trying to imitate the presenter’s grace, but failing somewhat, especially where balance poses were involved.

The exercises are never break-neck hard, because you are urged to go at your own pace. You do feel your muscles the next day, though – they tell you loud and clear that you’ve been working them. You grow stronger, though, so it also brings a sense of achievement: Yes, I’m doing my bit for my body by participating in a hip exercise movement! Adriene has thousands of online followers.

Give it a go, your body will thank you for it. You will emerge stronger and upright – your chiropractor won’t complain!

  • – Annette Votteler.

Annette is our Massage Therapist on Fridays & Saturdays, and she will available from 25 November 2016.

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