Do you know that nerves run through muscle tissue?

Do you know that blood vessels run through muscle tissue?

Do you know that lymph vessels run through muscle tissue?

When muscles become tight and contracted [tense] then the flow of nervous energy, [messages to and from the brain], blood flow and lymph flow to all of the organs and cells are all impeded.

Do you know that you can have up to 80% dysfunction in a nerve without any symptoms at all?

You are probably aware that subluxations cause reduced nervous energy flow which chiropractic can correct. However, what happens to those nerves after they leave the vertebral column if all the adjacent muscles are like concrete? Blood, lymph and nervous energy flow is impeded.

Breathing normally occurs at a subconscious level; but what causes us to breathe? We do not breathe because our bodies need oxygen but because our bodies can’t stand having carbon dioxide inside. This is what triggers the breathing process. If the blood flow is impeded then our bodies are not removing waste products nor are they receiving vital nutrients. All this can then lead to the three “D’s”:

    • Dysfunction which occurs at a subconscious level and then,
    • Discomfort [pain] and eventually
    • Disease.

Often most of this can be avoided with regular massage.

Massage can also restore balance to the mind, by releasing stored negative emotions such as, fear, anger, jealousy, sorrow or frustration