The Secret Winning Formula For All Athletes

Professional sports teams, Olympians and competitive athletes are employing chiropractors because they demand results. Professional athletes often go to extreme measures to get the edge on their opponents. This can sometimes involve anything from dietary supplements, meditation to steroids.

 This is where chiropractic can play a unique role in performance enhancement.

A properly aligned spine works with a greater mechanical advantage enabling more energy to be directed towards technique and power rather than being used up compensating for an ill-functioning spine. It can also help ameliorate joint range of movement and general flexibility. This undoubtedly helps an athlete to function at a higher level whether it be improving muscle strength, concentration, lung capacity or reflexes.
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Why Does Posture Matter?

Posture is not only for the prim and proper. There is more to standing up straight with your shoulders back than keeping your mother happy!

Posture is actually the window to how your spine and skeleton are positioned within you. The position of the bony support system is crucial to the proper function of the body.

The close relationship between these bony structures and the nervous system means that a misalignment or continual poor posture can result in an interference between the brain and the rest of the body.

Free flowing communication between the brain and the body is essential when we know that the brain  and the nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body.
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