Smart Goals

Applying the S.M.A.R.T. principle to your goal gives it structure and allows you to develop more meaning behind why you want to achieve it, therefore reducing the chances of giving up. From the beginning, this principle can help you get organized and achieve your goals one small step at a time.

Specific: The goal needs to be broken down into as much detail as possible. Who is involved? Why do you want to achieve this? What is it you would like to accomplish? Where will it be done? What are the requirements & what are the constraints?

Measurable: How are you going to track your progress & measure each outcome? How are you going to know when your goal is accomplished?

Attainable: Make sure your goal is not out of reach. How is your goal going to be accomplished? What are the logical steps to take?

Relevant: Is your goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs? Do you have the necessary resources to accomplish this goal? Is this goal in line with your long-term objectives?

Timely: How long will it take for you to accomplish this goal? When is the completion of this goal due? When are you going to start on this goal?

Healthy Lunchbox Solutions

Join us on the 12th February from 10am – 11am for valuable tips on how to make lunch a nutritious and delicious part of their day.

Ditch the food battles and fill your kids lunch-boxes quickly and easily with healthy food that they will actually eat.

Kids with better health, improved behaviour and more focus is your bonus.

Could this help someone you know? Bring them along. Workshop will be held at the CHC Office. 

To confirm a place, please phone 9413 3090 or email